Things that scare me #3

Melissa DeCicco
4049 days ago.

photo Frozen dinner chicken or canned soup chicken.

I feel like the frozen meal people and the canned soup people have the same chicken people supplying them with creepy chicken-like chunks for their products. It is a conspiracy. I am not even sure it is actually chicken. Every time I eat a frozen meal or soup with chicken, I end up with a small side dish of the craziest looking chicken pieces on the planet. Even the ones that claim they have all white meat chicken chunks really don’t, they are just disguised better because they are bigger and they put those fake grill marks on them. It actually frightens me, no joke.

What makes them think it is ok? Do they think I will just mix them up with the other food items on the plate and not notice?

Campbell’s chicken noodle soup is the worst. Usually each chicken piece has a crazy looking film on it or wild fatty pieces hanging off it.

Call me your crazy chicken-piece-fear hero, because I am swooping in with the answer…

I have resorted to eating their children soups like ‘Double Noodle’, which is amazing. Have you ever thought to yourself, I wish there were way more noodles and less crazy chicken pieces in their chicken noodle soup?  I highly recommend trying it if you have the same chicken-piece fears. If children aren’t eating the chicken, then neither am I!

My plea to the crazy chicken-piece creators of the world:
Stop jumbling crazy stuff together and calling it chicken.

Frozen meal and soup sellers:
Stop using the crazy chicken-piece creators. I will offer my services to grill actual chicken for you, just give me a call.

Anyone else pick out all the chicken pieces in their meals?

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Melissa DeCicco

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