Shark Week

4581 days ago.

“What you’ve got here is a perfect eating machine. It’s a miracle of evolution. It does nothing but swim, eat, and make little sharks. “- Jaws 1975

I thought it would only be appropriate to quote one of the greatest movies made in the 70’s. Also, I deemed it fitting being that this week, on the Discovery Channel, is Shark week. They may be one of earth’s largest predators and an animal that is feared by so many, and yet, they are fascinating creatures. Not too many other animals get an entire week dedicated to them.

Did you know that you are more likely to be bit by another human than by a shark? Here are the top 100 Shark Facts.

The shark related shows will be playing around the clock through Sunday evening. Andy Samberg (Saturday Night Live regular) has been appointed Discovery’s first Chief Shark Officer and he will be overseeing one of the greatest weeks of television! There are also 7 new shows this year.

If you feel the need to get up close and personal with these large toothed creatures, you can celebrate Shark Week at the St. Louis Zoo. Stingrays at Caribbean Cove is now featuring sharks! They are displaying more mild mannered sharks such as the bonnethead, shite-spotted bamboo and nurse sharks. Along with the sharks, you can meet and greet stingrays and get a glimpse of horseshoe crabs.

Admission to the zoo is free, however, there is a cost to get in to Stingrays at Caribbean Cove featuring Sharks. Admission is $3 for the general public or $1.50 for Zoo Friends members. But if you get there early, admission is FREE the first hour the zoo is open.

According to Fox news: True or False. Of all animals, sharks are responsible for the most human deaths each year?

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Photo Courtesy of: Discovery Channel