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Melissa DeCicco
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Ludo 2 So, I love Ludo.  I know I didn’t ‘discover’ them (sometimes I pretend), but they hold a special place in my heart.  They were my absolute favorite band to book at SIUE for our outdoor livewire concert series.

They are super nerdy rockers (the nerdy cool though) and have some of the most hilarious yet intelligent lyrics I have ever pondered.  They did name this tour the “Space Dracula’s  Basketball Expo Tour” – Nice.

From the Pageant website, this sums it up (paraphrased):

“Trying to get a handle on Ludo’s music is a little like forcing six blind men to describe an elephant having felt just one side of it. Listen to “Whipped Cream,” the first single from the band’s sophomore Island Records/Island Def Jam Music Group album, Prepare the Preparations, and you hear what co-founding member, vocalist/songwriter Andrew Volpe, dubs “70s butt-rock,” delivered with a deadpan, tongue-in-cheek irony even Weezer would appreciate. And while the singer’s leering come-on is exaggerated for effect, Volpe never fails to apply the double-edge to those “emotional prototypes”, as the laugh dies in the throat, revealing a more pointed “objective” message.”

They are making their way back to St. Louis this weekend at The Pageant!  Saturday, August 6, 2011 at 6pm for only $15.  One of my favorite bands at my favorite St. Louis venue, Priceless!  Get tickets here while they’re hot.

My personal favorite is a super creeper song…but I still love it!  (It’s a way older song too, so check out their newer stuff at  Enjoy!

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