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3252 days ago.
Salt-4356 Lindell Blvd

I was introduced to an amazing, not yet widely known restaurant in the Central West End called Salt, and have since decided to make it a point to capture awesome artwork around St. Louis when I run into it, and share it with others. In the case of Salt, it wasn’t just an individual piece of artwork that inspired me, but the restaurant as a whole. From the bartender’s use of artsy tools to make drinks to the way the food is prepared and plated and even down to the bathroom decor. There is a room upstairs draped entirely in red velvet curtains. You can close your eyes and envision a Burlesque show taking place (although I’m not saying that’s what actually goes down in that room so don’t go there expecting to see a live burlesque show…just use your imagination).

With so many unique artistic inspirations, it’s nearly impossible to choose a favorite piece of artwork, but as it was the original reason for writing this post, here it is:

In the basement there is a wine cellar, which doubles as a dining room for larger parties. On it’s ceiling is a hand painted mural with centaurs and cherubs in a forest. It’s gorgeously detailed and fits perfectly with the lighting and style of the room. However, what makes it so unique is what we were told about it, which is that the face of each mythical creature represents the face of a different employee from the previous restaurant that occupied the building. I was just thinking: Wow, one day you’re a waitress at a restaurant, and the next day your face is part of this one-of-a-kind painting that will last for years to come and be admired by many. How awesome is that?

Not to mention it amused me because it reminded me of my favorite episode of Parks and Recreation where Jerry created a painting of a centaur with the face of Leslie and a fat baby cherub with Tom’s face. That is a seriously funny episode!

Ok, plug for Parks and Rec is over…back to Salt. Whether you go for just a drink or for dinner, make sure to head downstairs to check out this amazing piece of artwork…and while you’re at it, you should probably just tour the entire restaurant, as every room has it’s own unique feature to be admired.

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