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Melissa Jensen
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As you may be aware from previous posts I pretty much exclusively shop online.  I can’t help it, you can find anything and I don’t like to go to crowded places.  As a demographic typical shoppers just freak me out.  I find mall food courts to be among the most stressful places on earth and I always pick the slowest line at Target.  Well, it’s time for this die hard online shopper to start Christmas shopping, that’s right, my goal is to be over 90% done by October 31st and it starts this weekend.

I love buying people gifts that they laugh at, but will use, or things that they just would never buy for themselves (such as these bad boys that will be making their way onto my shopping list again this year.)  In a previous post I’ve mentioned some of my favorite website for shopping but those were some traditional run of the mill item sites.  Check out these sites for funky gifts for anyone on your list.

1. Junk Food Clothing  One thing I really love about this site is that they do one thing really well and don’t try to sell everything.  This is where you go for any t-shirt connoisseur.  You may recognize some of their kids designs from Gap Kids collections.  The shirts are on the pricey side for t-shits but they are really good quality and very unique.

2. JBox Ok, for just a moment I will let my geek flag fly and say that I love cool stuff from Japan.  I love the pure silliness of some of their stuff.  This site has some of that stuff and some handy stuff too.  Know someone who brings their lunch to work every day?  Get them a Bento Box for a unique way to carry lunch.  And they have training chopsticks, how awesome is that???

3. TVstore Online Who doesn’t need a Borat mankini??  Not you?  Well they have so much other stuff from nearly every popular TV show.  You can find some really unique gifts like the above mentions mankini or a full body spandex suit or any one of Sheldon’s cool t-shirts.

4.  Perpetual Kid  Last but not least is one of my favorites.  This site has way too much awesomely amazing stuff to even explain.  You simply must click on it to devour the delicious awesomeness that is Perpetual Kid.  I really really want the lickty spoon!!!! (Pictured Above)

Have I missed some awesomeness for crazy gifts somewhere out there on the web, I’d love to hear about it if I have 🙂

Photo courtesy of: Perpetual Kid
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