Deep Thinking

4688 days ago.


Since I was a little girl in pigtail braids, I always thought a little below the surface of things around me.

 Have you ever wondered why Hitler did what he did(and why he had followers), why the jurors let Casey Anthony go with such mild charges, why there are still starving children and long McDonald’s drive through lines, why people are able to climb the coorporate ladder when they grew up with broke parents, why people don’t vote in the presidential election and complain nonstop about the economy, why Lady Gaga is so weird yet so talented, and why people are deathly scared of clowns when they were created for smiles?

In my next 7 blogs, I will write a little below the surface and give you some of my deep thoughts on life. I may have grown a bit since the pigtail braids but the world has not changed too much.

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