Chaise Lounger Robber Barons

Mike Brewer
2936 days ago.

This past patriotic  holiday, I took my family to a local water park. It was an awesome relief to the nearly unbearable outside temps. And, something we needed to exhaust the energies of my six and eight year old.

We arrived, geared up with towels, sunblock, goggles, waters toys and the such. And,  after paying at the gate we headed to find a couple of chase loungers. Ah, none! Not one to be found in the sea of concrete before us. Did I mention, it was hot! I looked around and more than half of the loungers had place holders like a flip flop here and towel there; here some tanning oil there a piece of foil. Okay, no foil but it was a good rhyme.

These petty thieves of chaise lounge real estate make it well known that no one should take the chair but they play. And, play. And, play. And, for hours on end never lay as much as a posterior on the chair. Wrong I say. Just wrong.

What do you think.
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