Mam and Sir

4135 days ago.


Today I was getting a parcel for a young guy about my age.

He said: Thank you, Mam

(took me a bit by surprise)

and then…

he said: oh Mam, I will probably be getting another package soon.

What? Not only once, but twice he called me Mam.I was definitely taken back and then had to think about whether I liked it. I don’t really think about it too much if it’s an older man, but a young guy.hmmm.

I have decided that I love it! I think it is completely respectful and very sweet. I wonder if ten years from now, I will feel the same way.

What is your take?

If you are a guy-do you use “mam” ? do you like being called “sir“?

If you are a girl-do you like being called “mam“? do you use “sir

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