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I’m not one to use coupons, and even when I do take the time to cut them out, and sometimes even go as far as putting them in my purse so I will remember to use them when I go shopping…I still forget!

However, this coupon thing has become a…well…as this title suggests, phenomenon. Rebecca Routson, who was on TLC’s Extreme Couponing, has a website:, and holds workshops for $15/person teaching others how to coupon(I’m making that a verb, put in urban dictionary)…and she’s only 25!

She also has a Facebook page where she gives out daily coupon deals, and there’s some good stuff too: For example, there’s a coupon for a free travel sized item from Bath and Body Works with any purchase. Typically I would say Oh, that’s worthless, I still have to buy something for $10 to get my travel-sized lotion, no thanks!…but then she shares that you can buy an item called a pocket bac for $ .50 and still get the free item. Now I’m saying, free lotion here I come!

Ok, back on track, while I will say this is not something I will do often, or for that matter, maybe ever again…after I get the lotion of course, I do find it inspiring that a 25 year old woman is making such a drastic impact on the world of shopping and has the potential to turn this into a career(although she currently works 40 hours a week), and I recommend for those who are interested in trying this couponing sensation out, to attend her next coupon workshop. The workshops are kind of small, so you’ll probably want to sign up early:

Saturday, June 25th
Brentwood Community Center
2505 Brentwood Blvd
Brentwood, Mo 63144

Visit to learn more and to RSVP.

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