3 Ways to be a Positive Person

4476 days ago.

victoria-blog 1. Remember that people make mistakes-including you- so try not to be too hard on yourself and others. If you don’t like something that you are doing, change it. If it’s someone else, mention it kindly if necessary. Sometimes people don’t realize that what they are doing is annoying or wrong and they don’t mind changing.

2. Speak words that make people smile-You don’t have to be fake, but don’t have to make everyone feel bad because you can’t control your mouth(this includes complaining, making fun of people, and being rude). Encourage people with what you say.

3. Serve serve serve- try things like having lunch with a homeless person, volunteering at the nursing home, randomly paying for a friend’s dinner, holding the door open for someone, giving someone a ride, and other small things that make a huge difference to people.

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