Things that scare me #1

Melissa DeCicco
3340 days ago.

squid Chinese Buffet…rephrase, ANY Buffet.

I am not sure why they really frighten me, as I am sure I (and others) have eaten much worse. My coworker once ate skittles off a bar floor to get her name on the wall…even that seems less scary!

I feel like I should at least have valid reasons to be frightened – so here is my justification list.

1. Sitting Time. I feel like it is unnatural for the food to be sitting out in front of everyone for such a long time.  And usually, the floors and eating areas seem less than clean.

2. Temperature. It is often cold and picked-through.

3. Left-overs. I feel like I am eating other people’s left-overs. I don’t even like to eat my own leftovers.

4. Other Patrons.  People breathing all over the food and touching who-knows-what before grabbing the tongs (or worse touching the food) freaks me out.

5. Health. I feel like I would have to sit at a buffet all day to really consume the amount of food I paid for – not good for the waist-line (or heart or any other organ given the types of food).  All buffets should offer an order off the menu option – this may not reflect the opinion of all buffet-goers 🙂

6. Labeling. It is often hard to distinguish what each item is – much less determine if it is safe to consume.  I am especially frightened by squid on Chinese buffets – why does it have to look that way?

7. Work.  Not only do I have to pay and sometimes tip, I also have to make several trips to get food (or sometimes one, but that feels wasteful)

Just my two cents…

Did I miss any scary buffet trivia?  Anyone want to rally on the side of buffets?

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