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Melissa Jensen
4656 days ago.

green smoothie In our house the start of fruit season means one thing…time for fresh yummy smoothies.  We make only vegan smoothies in our house, no milk.  This is for me the only way to go, if you are putting milk in your smoothie you might as well be making a milkshake and I would no longer call it healthy.  While we do love St. Louis Smoothie on Clayton Rd.  it’s pretty far from our house (No Moo Mango is so delicious!!!).  We have one big difference from them too, we don’t ever add ice to our smoothies.  No need to add the water, just pair fruits that are high in juice or add 100% juice.

We love the Vita-Mix blenders.  I have never used a better small appliance in my kitchen.  They are pricey but man can that thing blend.  I use it in spring/summer for smoothies and fall/winter for soups.  It has gotten it’s money’s worth.

Green smoothies are my personal favorite they are packed with all kinds of healthy stuff.  I enjoy kale the most, but if you are new to the green smoothie baby spinach may be a better place to start.


  • Spinach, banana, apple juice, or Mango, Kale Orange juice.
  • Mango, banana, orange juice
  • Blueberry, strawberry, banana
  • Kale with banana and apple juice

There are no measurements here becuase it really is trial and error and it depends on your taste buds, while my smoothie is 75% Kale you may want more banana and juice.

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