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flowers Do you find it easy to find plants that require lots of sun but find it difficult to find the ones for shade?  Most of the area I have requires shade-loving plants and the majority of the plants are just “green”.  I love color and I’ve finally found some great combinations that will brighten up the shady areas of your garden.

*Try mixing Coleus “Mosiak Lava Red” with salmon Impatiens and “Marguerite” Sweet Potato Vine in a red planter.  The red, salmon and lime green colors blend together beautifully and brighten up a shady, dull area.

*Try Begonia “Cocktail Mix” with Coleus “Redhead”, pink Impatiens, Begonia “Gryphon” and Lobelia “Techno Heat White” in a yellow planter.  You will have mounds of pink, red, white and varigated greens blended together.

*Have a combination of sun and shade?  Try New Guinea Impatiens “Sonic Amethyst” with Hosta “Minuteman”, Bacopa and Oxalis “Charmed Velvet” in a lime green (tall) planter.  You will have purples, magenta, white and lime green blended together and the Bacopa will flower throughout the summer.

Make sure you water all plants potted in containers daily when there is no rain forecasted.  You’ll enjoy bright, beautiful plants all summer long in your shade garden.

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