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This photo was not taken at opening day

So must of you will probably be spending your weekend wallowing in your hungoverness due to the unofficial “holiday” known as OPENING DAY!! But those of us who didn’t have the luxury of participating due to a crazy thing called work, won’t be laying on the couch, half-dead, reminiscing about the awesomeness that Thursday brought them. No…some of us will be interested in getting out and enjoying a little off-time before being stuffed back into our offices again on Monday.

So here are some fun things I’m thinking about checking out:

Late Nights with Flashlights at the City Museum: Starting at 10pm on Friday and Saturday night, the City Museum will turn off it’s lights and you get to explore it with flashlights. OMG, that totally reminds me of flashlight tag. I used to play that when I was younger, soooo much fun! This is definitely a must!(wait to purchase your ticket until after 9pm and receive a free flashlight)

23rd Annual Bob Costas Benefit: A Benefit for Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation: Saturday, April 2nd at 8pm: The benefit is being held at the Fox and Faith Hill will be performing. Also, Conan O-Brien will be performing. Tickets start at $35(not bad for a concert and comedy show in one)

Omnimax Movie at the St. Louis Science Center: I personally think Tornado Alley and Legends of Flight will be the coolest, but they also show Sea Rex during the weekend.

And some of you not too terribly hungover folks may decide to embark on one of these adventures as well…and good for you! However, be careful with the Omnimax…pretty sure it’ll be like riding the Gravitron after eating a couple funnel cakes…aka vomitous.

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