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Feeling like your place needs some pizzazz? Not sure how you want to spice it up? Check out this video: Sims Apartment Building

Ok, so clearly you can’t get it done that quickly. This is just a game, but as you see, he went piece by piece, and I believe that’s important to keep in mind: you build as you see things you like…and as you get paid.

Also clear, nothing is free. It’s going to take some good bargain shopping and some time to find pieces that fit your wants AND are not going to break the bank. I don’t know where these Sims people go to find their stuff, but they have gorgeous furniture. In the meantime, I have some tips for us real-life people.

1. T.J. Maxx has really cute decorative items such as funky couch pillows and mirrors, and if they’re in my price range, they’re pillows definitely in anybody’s price range.

2. Goodwill (there is a huge one on Forest Park Ave) has inexpensive furniture: from nightstands to entertainment centers. I have bought several pieces of furniture from them and they are always in good condition. If they’re not the color you like, you can always stain them or paint them. I stained a light wood bookshelf all by myself…and now it’s a pretty cherry wood bookshelf.

lights 3. Home Depot has a great selection of lamps and light fixtures, which are pretty reasonably priced…of course, that’s reasonably priced for Home Depot…but the selection is insane and really diverse and you can certainly find some great light accessories in the $30-100 price range.

4. Most importantly, shop online. Online shopping is where it’s at! Free shipping, online coupons, and people trying to get their name out there make for a shopaholic’s dream. Online sites are good for items that are key to spicing up your place but are typically the break the bank items: such as area rugs and artwork.

Don’t just dream about a Sims home, make your own.

(Oh, and if you already have a “Sims home”, please share your tips!)

Photos courtesy of community.thenest.com, kayeshayne.blogspot.com
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