Fitting fees-Brick and Mortar stores fight back

Melissa Jensen
4691 days ago.

fitting room

I heard an interesting tidbit on NPR this morning.  Brick and Mortar stores in Australia are starting to charge a “fitting fee.”  Ski shops in Australia are charging a $50.00 fee for customers to come in and be fitted for ski boots.  The fee is refunded if the customer ends up buying the boots in the store.  It is an attempt to combat people going into the store to be fitted and then going home and purchasing the items online.

I think this fits more for higher end retailers where you get tons of customer service.  They do have to pay that boot fitter for the work they’ve done with you, and that commission-only sales person is losing out when she spends hours waiting on you only to have to indulge your craving for high end jeans on Overstock.

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