coffee = productivity & happiness

4301 days ago.

victoria-blog I have this deep love affair. Everywhere I turn it’s there. If it is gone…I look for it. It gives me energy, it just feels right, and it completely invigorates all my senses.

Some might call it an unnecessary addiction… I call it true love(said like the guy from Princess Bride). I wake up thinking about it, I partake of it all day long, and I have to pull myself away from it each evening just so I can rest.

You see…coffee is the reason that I can write, the reason I can communicate soundly, and the reason that I am able to be nice to people.

I may be exaggerating a little…but not as much as someone might guess. My obsession with coffee is one that I am not willing to give up.

It is one that makes me happy and productive in life.

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