Carbondale Perk

4306 days ago.

gas prices When I initially moved to Carbondale I was in shock of the town’s small size, I’ve grown accustom to Chicago. Carbondale was a radical change, that I have grown to love during my time at SIU. This small pleasant town not only offers some southern hospitality, but grants me the opportunity to bike or walk to every destination. Especially, with today’s ridiculous gas prices it allows me the opportunity of being green and save money.

Like most people, I’m trying to spend less, especially because I’m in college. Carbondale, has provided that unique opportunity, I have successfully cut my overall driving in half. In the next few weeks, I’ll be purchasing a bike and plan cutting my driving completely out during the week. This isn’t possible for everyone, because they live too far away from work, school, and many errands that life demands. If you consolidate these necessary trips around town, and eliminate the unnecessary trips you to can be saving big money.

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