Addicted to Fans=Death?

4751 days ago.

Have you heard of this?

My boyfriend was stationed in Korea and he told me about this creepy legend there known as fan death. fan

Anyway, my roommate has been sleeping with a fan for years(still alive and well, I might add), and recently she went out of town and as I laid down to go to sleep, I noticed it was eerily quiet, and I could not fall asleep. I became frustrated wondering why it seemed so abnormal…until I realized it was because her fan was not running. So I turned her fan on and slept like a baby.

Shoot…I’m now addicted to a scary fan that may lead to my death?

Naw, I don’t really believe in fan death(and I don’t believe snopes would lie to me), but I am really addicted to her fan now. I honestly feel like I am restless and until it’s turned on I can’t sleep. It’s like my baby security blanket. linus

Do you have a literal…or metaphorical… ‘security blanket’ sleep aid?

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