Your'e Driving Me CRAZY?!?! Pt.1

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The true purpose of developing an email address is to create an online identity by which people can recognize you and send correspondence. With that being said……your email address is a direct reflection of who you are. You can tell alot about a person simply from their email address. Now, if this is true, (and yes it is!) how do you want to be recognized? What exactly does bootylicious101@?.com say about you? THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY!!

Is it really necessary to use foul language, body parts, and sex to describe yourself? Whatever happened to discretion? I worked for many years as a Human Resources manager and was shocked to have such tacky email addresses proudly displayed at the top of resumes! Is this just a sign of the times we live in, or will this get worse as the cyberspace age goes on?

Over the years….I’ve seen some that can’t be repeated on this blog! Do you have one of these email addresses? Please share your thoughts….help me understand! Because I find this to be quite ridiculous.

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