"Where do you want to eat tonight?" "I don't know where do you want to eat?"

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That sounds familiar I’m sure, now throw in that you don’t like Applebee’s type restaurant chains and at least half of your couple is vegan, or you are having a meal for the first time with a vegan friend or colleague and want to make sure they have options but so do you.  Luckily St. Louis has options for vegan or veg friendly restaurants.

My favorite is Gokul because I LOVE Indian food, but let’s start off with the easy stuff.  Fast food can be a challenge especially if you don’t want to have to make due with a bun and maybe some lettuce.  Crazy Bowls and Wraps offers some great options like the tofu veggie bowl with Thai sauce, yummy.  Jimmy John’s has a great veggie sub that is just as amazing minus the cheese and mayo.  Qdoba has some good veggie burrito if you want beans and rice in a hurry.

Hostess with the mostess
hostess with the mostess at Shangri-La Diner

Looking for a great brunch spot?  Check out Cherokee Street and the Shangri-La diner, vegan french toast, tofu scramble awesome veggie burgers, vegan milk shakes and the outstanding hostess with the mostess.  While you are in the area check out the Black Bear Bakery, so many breads and muffins to choose from…They also offer a brunch. 

There are some great lunch spots too, Vegadeli in West County has some great food and it is 100% vegan and kosher.  Check out my earlier post on them here.  Happen to be looking for some art or amazing dessert to go with your lunch?  SweetArt is the place to check out.  Great vegan menu more cupcake types than you could think of and hopefully the bakers of my wedding cake :-).

Our favorite place for dinner is King and I,located on Grand.  I ordered mild instead of hot or medium this time and was amazed at how different the food tasted.  For those who like fire-in-the-belly order hot and it will not disappoint!  For my birthday last year we tried Pho Grand after hearing tons of recommendations and I must say it did not disappoint.  In fact, Nate tried to send his food back convinced that it was chicken or something that he was eating.  From the waiter’s reaction they get this all the time.  A plus for Pho Grand is they are open on Monday, several of the other options are not.

These places are so good, most of them have a carnivore menu, but lots of options if you don’t swing that way.  There are so many more places we are yet to try (Lemongrass is next on the list) and I’m sure there are ones we have yet to hear about.

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