RE: Miss Jackson…If You’re Nasty.

4569 days ago.

Note: Before you read this, I suggest you check out my previous blog on Miss Jackson.

Moving right along.  Anyone who knows me should know one important fact about me: I am a diehard Janet Jackson fan.  Maybe not as diehard to the point of “standom” like my best friend Ken, but nevertheless I ride for Janet.

Over the weekend, Ken had the pleasure of seeing Janet in all of her fabulosity during her “Number Ones: Up Close & Personal” tour in Chicago.  He took some pretty awesome photos, and managed to snag some video footage, but due to a fear of having my section of the blog shut down because of infringment, I will withhold the videos.  (I’ll provide external links to all who are interested.)

Ken was there the night Janet Jackson kicked off the first night of a three night stand at the Chicago Theatre last night—an extended stop on her dual purpose tour. The two prongs of her first tour in three years, Number Ones: Up Close & Personal? First, to remind us that she’s had a ton of hits…35 number ones, apparently. Two, get to know her again, because, outside of that Super Bowl incident, (again, no linkage here) you just might have forgotten about her. According to Ken, Janet, clad a in Barbarella-esque catsuit, strut across the song and sung absolutely every song live, and even came back for an encore. That’s Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.

My girl has still got it.

(someone actually wore their 1990 Rhythm Nation Tour jacket to the concert…and I don’t know how I feel about that.) 

Photos courtesy of Kenneth Austin.

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