Nip/Tuck: The Rise And Fall (And Rise) Of Lil' Kim.

4566 days ago.

OLD Lil Kim

Plastic surgery in Hollywood (and especially music) should not be a huge chagrin to people.  It seems like almost everyone has went under the knife, whether it was to retain a certain sense of beauty, to enhance something that was not up to industry standard, or to just have it done to be in the cool crowd was never something that people really tripped off. 

Cher, Dolly Parton, Melanie Griffith, and Demi Moore are few of the people who have proudly admitted to going under the scalpel…and the results haven’t been that bad.  (save for Melanie Griffith, in my opinion.)

Then we have people like Michael Jackson (may he rest in peace), his sister LaToya, Joycelyn Wildenstein (also known as The Lion Lady), and recently, Lil’ Kim, who have abused the ability to correct and enhance their God-given features.

NEW Lil Kim

To some, Lil’ Kim is definitely not known for her rapping.  (And neither is newcomer Nicki Minaj, if you ask me.) I have been fortunate to have witnessed Lil’ Kim in her pre-plastic days, therefore I am not oblivious to her musical talent.  But to others she is just a washed up has-been who has gone to prison, competed on Dancing With The Stars, and is a homewrecker who allegedly slept her way to the top, all the while indulging in a little nippy tuck here and there. 

No disrepect, but it seems like after MJ passed away Lil’ Kim made no haste in snatching the torch to become the next poster child for plastic surgery.  Multiple breast implants, nose jobs, skin bleaching procedures, endoscopic brow lifts (forehead lift), lip augmentations, and possible chin and cheek implants has left this once Plain Jane Black girl from Brooklyn looking….well, you know…. not Black.  Kim has lost much of her ethnicity and looks completely overdone.  Her mega sized breasts are far too big for her 4 foot 11 frame and her cheek implants, button nose, plump lips, and blue contact lenses look incredibly unauthentic.  To me, she looks like something you would see on the Adult Swim program on the Cartoon Network after 11 pm.  No shade.

Despite all of the above, if one looked at Lil’ Kim without knowing what she looked like prior to her “makeover”, one could say that she’d be cute…albeit, in a fake dollar store Barbie doll kind of way.

My question is: when is enough…enough?

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