Margarine vs. Butter??

3034 days ago.

Let’s face it. Everything, and I mean everything, tastes better with butter.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look on my hips as well as it tastes on my palate.  Plus butter has 2 of the worst ingredients: saturated fats and cholesterol.  With heart disease being the #1 killer among women, it does my body good to use a soft margarine vs. real butter and it puts my mind at ease about heart disease.

I use Smart Balance Buttery Spread which is high in Omega -3 fats (the ones that are good for your heart), has no gluten or hydrogenated oils and is a rich, creamy buttery taste.  My heart healthy checklist is looking good:  Taste √; Good for my Heart √; Slightly expensive, but worth it √.  This product should be a regular in your fridge- starting today♥.

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