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4112 days ago.

cold (So I started to write this before I heard the depressing news…45 degrees?possibility of snow??What?? Well too bad, I’m going to continue writing this and still open my windows regardless of the cold weather and the rain/snow…take that mother nature!)

Yay for Spring!! It’s time to turn off the heat and open those windows! It’s time to let in the fresh air and reduce those electric(gas?) bills.  spring

I came home yesterday to an open door a little skeptical(although there is a screen door also which was closed). When I asked my roommate what was going on, she said “I was enjoying the weather”. Being stuck in the office all day, I hadn’t even thought about it, but yes, it’s officially Spring and 70 degree weather with a slight breeze is the perfect weather to enjoy with open doors and windows. So then she asked, “Can we turn off the thermostat and just open the windows to save on the electricity?” and I said “Of Course!”. I’m all about spending money on important things: shoes, new Spring dresses, and a tan and I am no longer interested in wasting $100 or so a month on useless utility bills.

And maybe I’m the only one, but I love listening to the outside noises of the city, from the pounding bass in the car driving by to the early morning chirping birds, it makes me feel connected to mother nature again, instead of feeling like I’m living in a dark dungeon all Winter wrapped up in blankets and sweaters, I’m free to breathe in fresh air, hear live activity, and be one with mother nature(haha I’m not a hippie, I just feel so rejuvenated).

So pull open the shades, blow the dust off those windowsills, turn off your heat, and let Spring take over(but I guess wait until the cold weather goes away again…unless you want to be a rebel like me).

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