I Like Oysters

3016 days ago.

Haha..Have you ever seen the video for Zombie Kid Likes Turtles…I just reminded myself of that. If you haven’t seen it…

Ok, so moving on. There is a Stout and Oyster Festival happening this weekend. I can’t believe I’m just finding this out! A whole weekend revolved around oysters?!? Ok, so maybe I don’t just like oysters, maybe I love them! Raw, steamed, rockefeller, whatever, I love them all! I know this isn’t South Carolina or Florida so typically we’re not excited about the oysters around here, but they’re flying in 30,000 fresh oysters specifically for this event, so no haters.

Friday, March 25th: 5pm-midnight at the Schlafly Tap Room downtown at 2100 Locust(live music from 5pm-11pm)

Saturday: 11am-Midnight: Schlafly Tap Room(live music from 5pm-11pm)

Sunday: 4pm-9pm  Oysterfest at Vin de Set on Chouteau**

All Weekend Long: 11am-10pm  DeMun Oyster Bar’s Bivalve and Schlafly Beer Celebration at 740 Demun Ave in Clayton

Whoever thought of this fantastic oyster weekend extravaganza is a GENIUS!

**I believe reservations are required for some of these so check the links and call the bars ahead of time.

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