How to Clean Your Bath Tub

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I finally did it. Conquered the one chore that I hate above all else–the bath tub. The tub has been my nemesis for many years because it takes forever to clean and I have to scrub like crazy. It’s so annoying.

I used a combonation of two dirt fighting products:
1. Brillo Pads with Oxiclean
2. Soft Scrub with baking soda

brillo pads

Now I’m not sure if you have to buy the exact products I did or if you can use plain Brillo pads or what. But – will tell you that I am a big fan of Oxiclean and baking soda. If you want to try using the other ‘flavors,’ help yourself but I’ll stick with these exact products.

soft scrub

So now for the instructions…

Keep a container with water in it handy. Squirt the Soft Scrub on an area in your tub or shower. Dip the Brillo pad into the water and wipe wet circles with the Soft Scrub. I get one area completely covered that way and then move to another area so that can sit and soak for a minute.

Once I’ve done the second area, I move back to the first and wipe down with a damp wash cloth to clear all cleaning product. If it needs more scrubbing, go ahead of course. Don’t let any of the areas dry with the products because this will cause you more work later.

Once all areas have been scrubbed, run your shower and rinse the entire tub one more time to catch any unseen product.

I hope this helps the rest of you who hate cleaning tubs and showers. I am pretty happy about my findings.

Do you have any tips or a special way you clean the tub?

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