Wii plus Netflix = Space Saver

4593 days ago.

Many women have a shoe problem. Not me. I have a movie problem. I love buying them so I can watch them any time. I especially love buying them for $10 or less.

This may date back to when I was a kid–my parents owned a video store in our little town and I was allowed to take them home for free all the time and watch as many as my little heart desired.

I decided a while back that this problem needed to be corrected but wasn’t sure how to accomplish my goal because of my frugal tendencies… How do I save money on movies that I want to watch more than once but don’t want to pay the rental fee multiple times?

Mario w/ Netflix Behold! Netflix will send me movies and let me watch some online all month for only $10!

And within the past year, I found out that I can watch them on my regular TV with my Wii system.

So cool.

I’ve watched many movies on Netflix and even become addicted to Dexter and Spartacus!

I think my movie problem is officially solved. Now maybe I need to eBay some of my stash…

Do any of you use Netflix insta-play? Let me know what you think of it. I know it’s available on other systems besides the Wii.

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