Snowpocalypse Now!

4166 days ago.

I’m hoping that everyone managed to stay safe and warm the past few days.  And if you were anywhere in the St. Louis area than you got to witness ‘Snowpocalypse’ with your own eyes.  I’m well aware that everyone has very different opinions about this storm.  While most of you see a white ‘slickery’ death trap, some of you (the glass half full people) see the fun and beauty in this.  Even in a storm of this caliber. 

No matter which type of person you may be, what I want to see, know and hear are your pictures, ideas and stories.  Did you happen to snap a picture of a bright red cardinal perched on a tree branch that was glistening with dazzling icicles?  Or maybe Millsy was caught helping build a snowman somewhere in the Greater St. Louis area?  Did you stay inside and hunker down with a volume of the Twilight Saga? Or round up all your favorite Disney classics, build a blanket fort with your kiddos and sing along to all the songs? 

It’s show and tell time!

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