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1024-happy-valentine-day-backgound-source_t9q Before I begin, I would like to apologize for the insane amount of hyperlinks. Ok, moving on…

So I know Valentine’s Day is technically on Monday, but the restaurants will all be over-crowded on Monday, and it’s a work night. You’ll have to get off work, rush to get all dressed up, then go to bed early because you still have to work Tuesday morning. I think this year romancing it up on Saturday night is the way to go.

Make it a Lumiere night. Brian McKnight is playing at Lumiere this Saturday, February 12th.  I mean, if you can’t witness Marvin Gaye in concert on Valentine’s Day, Brian serenading me (umm…I mean you) with ‘Back At One’ in his sexy R&B voice will have to do.

Have dinner before or after, he’s playing 2 shows. Lumiere has several restaurants to choose from. There’s a romantic Italian restaurant with dim lighting and candlelit tables on the lower level of Lumiere Hotel called House of Savoy. There is also an under-the-radar, yet classic old school steakhouse next door called Al’s Restaurant. You can literally drive by it and not realize it’s there, but it’s so close you can actually park in the casino parking lot and walk across the street (or go with valet if you’re looking to impress).

Then for a little after dinner fun…Ok, I won’t suggest gambling: losing money can be a total buzzkill, but The Landing has tons of bars right outside including The Big Bang Piano Bar (click on this link to check out a fun video I took while at The Big Bang), or stay in the casino and cozy up together in one of the booths inside the casino’s Globar (sometimes they have live music). Fellas, it’s Valentine’s Day, you know what you need to do.

**All suggestions in this blog are subject to high prices, and most, if not all, will require pre-planned buying of tickets and making of reservations. It would be far cheaper to buy dinner at the grocery store, light some scented candles to place on your kitchen table, and rent a Redbox movie.

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