In 100 Words Or Less: The 2011 Grammy Awards.

4597 days ago.

Bride of Frankenstein & Bruno

In case you missed it, I am here to give you the skinny on last night’s foolery.  From the top:

Aretha’s tribute performance was off the chain. Great opening to the show. Christina redeemed herself, Jennifer Hudson brought it as usual; controlled the whole thing, Florence surprised me (she could sang), Yolanda took me to church, but then there was the next chick. Someone fill me in. Who was that?

Lady Gaga Um…not quite sure what I think as of yet…it was probably too hyped. The whole egg thing was absolutely hysterical to me; she sure knows how to make an entrance. I didn’t like the song to begin with and after hearing it again, I still don’t like it. At least she can dance and sing flawlessly. No hiccups and smooth delivery so I guess her performance was good but nothing to email your mom about.

Miranda Lambert was cute. nice acoustic touch to the show.

Not a big fan of Muse but they sounded good.

Thanks to my oh-so-infatuated coworker Jessica, Bruno Mars the one I was looking forward to since I heard he was performing…disappointed me. He was shouting way off key for most of the song (insert sad face here) That just broke my poor lil’ heart. Janelle saved that performance

Justin Bieber: too bad Usher is his “mentor.” Im not a fan of Usher’s performances, I think he tries to do too much and you never get the essence of the song. Jaden added color to the performance though (no pun intended) Usher, can you do something about these asthmatic performances please! Great dancer none the less. I loved that lil dance session between Usher & Bieber. 

Bob Dylan: during my college days you helped me through many a night…but not last night. You should reconsider eating blenders before performances from this point forth.

I’m not a big country fan but the ones they picked for this year performances I was content with. Lady Antibellum was great! I’m a sucker for perfect harmony, acoustics and vocals. Im glad they won that Grammy right after their performance.

If any performance made me laugh it had to be CeeLo & Gwyneth Paltrow. What did CeeLo have on? And why was he was forgetting the words? Anyways he was one I was looking forward to see cause I loooove that song (Forget You). The performance was fun & those puppets made it cute. They were getting down.

The first song of Katy Perry’s performance was beautiful (she should give Rihanna her swing back though). Second song choice…not so much.

Rihanna looked so good in that dress for the ‘Love The Way You Lie’ performance (much better than that white caterpillar get up she had on the red carpet. My opinion.) She sounded great too. Eminem was cool, never seen him give a poor performance. Who was the other girl in there performance? she was great, loved her voice.

Jagger’s performance was good…I always enjoy him crawling his skeletal frame across a crowded stage. 

Rihanna’s gotten better at choreographed dancing (I thought she used to be terrible at it). She was off at the bridge on ‘Whats My Name’ but ok for the rest. The performance was good overall for me.

Arcade Fire? Who are you? I like you. Alot.

My top performances for the night were:

Aretha’s Tribute, CeeLo & Gwenyth, The Dolly Parton semi-tribute (‘Jolene’ is one of my faves), and Rihanna & Eminem.


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