Hello, Good Buy

4751 days ago.

Target v. Walmart I used to be a Walmart girl.  No if’s, and’s, or but’s.  If I was going to save money, I was going to Walmart. 

Then I had a baby.  And as the saying goes, a baby changes everything.  Now I am a Target mom.  In my opinion and experience, Target has a wider selection overall, but especially baby items.  Recently my household experienced a ‘diaper emergency’ and my husband had to run to Walmart to pick up a package of diapers.  He paid $9.97 for these diapers, where at Target that same package of diapers is only $8.99!  Not to mention that since I registered at Target for my baby shower, I still receive coupons on all kinds of products…including diapers!!!

My husband usually has some sort of remark about how I’m a ‘Target snob’ or how I just shop at Target because it’s “more expensive” and that’s how women are.  Apparently he thinks I have some sort of secret motive to spend all our money at Target and wind up living in a box.  So he was shocked when I pulled out a past receipt to prove my ‘Target vs. Walmart’ point. 

Does anyone agree with me?  I mean, the proof is pretty much in your pocket…or out of your pocket if you’re overpaying!  So, who’s with me?  And where will you be shopping this weekend?

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Photo Courtesy of What’s News