4306 days ago.


How to: stay in touch

On Sunday morning I signed onto Facebook. On the homepage, I found out 3 major life events from friends (one after another). 2 were engaged and 1 friend had just had a baby.

I get to keep in contact with my friends from high school, someone cool I met on an airplane ride, my Grandma, and even people I see every day.

It’s so much better than email because there are pictures! People can be creative in editing pictures and sharing their photography. Or businesses can advertise and connect with their customers. You don’t even need to watch the news because 5 people have probably made a status with in minutes. 

If you miss a wedding or party…it’s not as heart wrenching as it could be. Why? Because you can log on to Facebook and see an entire album dedicated to that event (and you can comment).

Facebook has bridged many gaps and made me feel closer to people I would have probably otherwise lost touch with.

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