Can you Serve?

4181 days ago.


How to: Serve

There is guy who works at the coffee section in Barnes and Nobles who is incredible at customer service. He helps people decide what they might want, talks to people about their day, and passes out samples of left over drinks. He really knows how to serve people. He does not just ring people up for their drink and call out a name when their drink is ready. He goes beyond his paycheck and makes a point to serve. Every time I have been in the bookstore over the past year, I am always so impressed with his enthusiasm to accommodate the customers. I found out last time I was there that he is still in high school. I was taken completely off guard! A high-school senior guy who not only works but who serves as well!

My family is also full of people who are amazing servants. My big sister, Diana, is one that comes to mind. She has been in St Louis for a few years serving her husband (and two kids) as he goes through Chiropractic school. She is an amazing musician who wants to be performing, but has put her dreams on hold as she watches her 2 toddlers during the day and waitresses at night. Her youngest son has a mild form of autism and she does everything she can to aid in his development. Diana goes to great lengths to help him and also makes sure her other son does not fall through the cracks. She knows what serving is- in her job and to her family!

To be a servant it is important to not think of yourself as better than others. Sometimes this can be hard if you come across someone who may not seem as “intelligent” or as “experienced” in life as yourself. It’s OK. Drop your pride, smile, and accommodate them.

I am not just talking about in jobs that require you to have customer service either. I mean in everyday life! Can you lay down your pride and serve others? Whether it be picking something up for someone who drops something in a store (not just an old lady), holding open a door a little longer until the next person can grab it, or even a simple smile.

Serving can be difficult because it takes intentional thought. Serving is easy because anyone can do it.

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