Books Everywhere!

4304 days ago.


I love reading! I admit that occasionally I will buy a book and never read it.

Other times I will be reading three different books at the same time. I will put the least interesting one down and pick up a new one. Not always the best idea.

Lately I have been working on staying with one book and trying to finish it. I can have a book in waiting that I am excited about too. It’s like the next book is my prize for finishing the current book.

A problem I have ran into is where to put my books. I don’t have a bookshelf yet. So…I put them in the last few drawers of my dresser and also under my bed. I have seen the corner shelves which seem like the best idea.

Any book readers out there…do you have a bookshelf? I just don’t want something that takes up too much space.

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