Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!!

3126 days ago.

Super Bowl Sunday.  The last football game of the season and the best-of-the-best game of the year!   The Green Bay Packers and The Pittsburgh Steelers are two outstanding teams deserving to win the Championship.  Here are 6 do’s and dont’s when you celebrate this Sunday:

  1. DO get together with friends and family, raz them for voting for the other side and cheer on your champion.
  2. DON’T paint your chest with your favorite teams logo and show up without a shirt.
  3. DO eat lots of wings, pork tenderloins, ribs, chips, dips and desserts.
  4. DON’T show up with a bag of chips and a couple of beers because you’ll miss part of the game running back up to the store to replenish your beer supply.
  5. DO drink lots of beer (or your fav brew).  By halftime, you’re not going to care who’s performing, who’s NOT performing, or an unexpected wardrobe failure.
  6. DON’T drink and drive.  No sense in ruining a perfect game day by getting a ticket or a casket.
  7. DO watch the very expensive commercials and vote on your favorite.  Hopefully, all the money the sponsers are plugging into this year’s Super Bowl will pay off and we’ll laugh so hard we’ll pee our pants!
  8. DON’T take potty breaks during the plays or the commercials.  –HOLD IT–!  You could miss an amazing play or a funny commercial.
  9. DO watch all the snaps ladies.  There’s alot of pretty views going on at that moment you won’t want to miss.
  10. DON’T watch the cheerleaders dudes.  They will never be as interesting as the awesome women you already have.  If your free and single-Watch on.
  11. DO listen to the commentaries.  It’s a free lesson in football techniques and plays.
  12. DON’T talk when the plays are in action, unless your screaming, “Hold onto the ball”, “What’s wrong with you”, “Go for the 2 Points”, “Coach you’re an idiot”, “Go back to High School”, “Defense, Defense, Defense” and various other one-liners.

And finally, no matter who wins the Championship, remember; “It’s all about the Packers, It’s all about the Steelers and, in the end, It’s all about the great game of Football!”  Yeehaw-are you ready for some footballlllllllllllllllllll!

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