Stuck in the apartment because of weather?

4332 days ago.

The white walls that once brought you comfort after a long day of work are now your prison. You can thank the weather.

So what now…you pace the apartment looking for anything to do since your TV is off (yep, in this story electricity is gone too).

Grab a candle, invite neighbors over, or friend who live close by, and have a party!

I grew up in Florida, the part that did not get actual hurricanes but always came pretty close. My family had something we called hurricane parties. We would play cards, sometimes with other families, eat yummy food, play music (like actual instruments not just the radio) and occasionally bathe in the rain.


I would not recommend bathing in the snow, but you can make a little party out of it. If you know a big snow fall is about to come, invite people over. Play cards by candle light and eat junk food.

It will make everything a little warmer. Your prison will turn into a place you don’t want to leave.

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