St. Louis Gas Prices

4706 days ago.

Ever been on your way home from work and your gas light comes on?  You’re almost home and REALLY don’t want to be bothered with making a stop.  You can already feel your couch under your tushy and your favorite show starts in ten minutes.  Plus, the idea of standing in the freezing cold for five minutes while sharp winds pierce through the shield of warmth that is your winter coat is extremely unappealing. 

You are at a crossroads.  Literally.  The sign says $2.81/gallon.  Geesh.  Seriously.  Maybe it’ll go down by tomorrow you think (foolishly, I might add).

A new day dawns.  You blink your eyes back open quickly, like ripping a band aid off in one fail swoop is suppose to make it hurt less.  Wrong. $2.99/gallon is the new insulting price that is going to help burn through your wallet.

The string of curse words, profanities, and empty threats begins.  You look around hoping no one hears you or thinks you’re a crazy lunatic who’s just talking to themselves.  You notice everyone else’s face looks just as sour as you imagine yours does. 

New Plan: Use less gas!  Repeat after me…

1. I will keep my car well-maintained (regular oil changes, proper tire pressure, brakes and tires checked regularly) – it actually helps with gas mileage.

2. I will carpool when possible

3. I will take the less congested route to work (even though it is longer, less stop/start nonsense, less idling, and less aggression)

4. On short trips, I will walk or bike

5. I will consider buying a hybrid when I purchase my next car – unless they have Jetson flying cars by then 🙂

Gas prices are here to stay, let’s help our wallets and environment at the same time!

In the meantime, here is a website on St. Louis Gas Prices…find the cheapest gas in your neck of the woods!

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