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4528 days ago.

I’ve been going thru my apartment lately with a mission: Organize everything!

I have been plagued with extra stuff that has no home. Most are things that I actually do use, believe it or not… I just don’t use them on a daily basis so they tend to look bad just sitting around. What to do?!

clutter kitties

I have plenty of things sitting in cardboard boxes from my move one year ago. I cringe when it comes time to open a closet door because I hate the look of them. They are ugly reminders of my clutter and lack of time to clean.

Well I decided to destroy and conquer my clutter by organizing with storage bins, plastic drawers and Goodwill. I consider these plastic bins an investment–a small price to pay for my sanity.

If you are anything like me, you are lucky to get the laundry and dishes done, meals cooked and floors vacuumed. Who has time to conquer projects like organizing?

I decided to make a goal: Organize one area per weekend. This may take me 1 hour or all day. I choose each weekend which area will be attacked.

So far I have made huge progress by taking small steps. My kitchen pantry, living room and bedroom closet are all areas I did one at a time. It doesn’t seem like much when you are doing it but let me tell you, over a few weeks you will start to notice the difference. I know I have!

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