4774 days ago.

It’s that time of year when nothing is as good as a nice cup of Hot Chocolate.  But, you’ve not had hot chocolate until you’ve tried an adult hot chocolate. I ran across this video featuring Chef Todd Mohr and his ‘awesome’ adult hot chocolate recipe. 

My husband and I try to go to our Lake Ozark home almost every weekend and we are always looking for a tasty alcoholic beverage to sip (other than beer) while we visit about the weeks events.  We’ve become pretty seasonal in our choices.  Sitting on a boat during the summer drinking an ice cold bottle of beer really fits us especially when the temperture of the water is 79 degrees and the sun is slow cooking our bathing suit clad bodies.  But sitting on a screened in deck in temperatures dipping to around 20 degrees calls for a more drastic choice.  Lo and behold, we came across this tasty, spiked hot chocolate.  The best part is my husband can make one with the liquor or liqueur of his choice and I can do the same.  After a couple of these, it didn’t seem that cold on that deck and we were able to laugh alot more about the serious issues we were trying to discuss.  This winter there’s a screened in deck with two inebriated hot chocolate drinkers not really giving a (bleep!) about anything but each other. Try it, you’ll like it!!

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