Hitting the Gym

4878 days ago.

So you’re probably thinking that I’m going to start going on about New Years Resolutions and how you’ve been doing. The great thing about me is that every now and again I like to throw in a twist.

Today, hitting the gym isn’t about you. It’s about your kiddos.

The Little Gym is an awesome program for kids as young as four months all the way up to 12 years old. My son has been participating in classes for over a year and he LOVES it! Initially we signed him up because we wanted him to start interacting with kids his age.  We keep him signed up because we love it too!!!

Zeke has made great friends and loves his teacher, Mr. Mike, who is featured in the video from the link below.  Another great thing about this program is that they let you try before you buy.  Enjoy a complimentary class to see how classes are run and how your kids like it.  (They’ll LOVE it!)

Click here to see a little bit more about what The Little Gym is all about.


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