Guest Room – Who has space for this any more?

4838 days ago.

In any of the old time movies or books, there are always stories about big houses with guest rooms where people would stay for weeks at a time. My parent’s and grandparent’s generations have a little room in their house for guests to come and stay for a night or two. Are guest rooms a thing of the past?


My two bedroom apartment consists of a bedroom and an office. I don’t have room for an extra bed. This is a problem because my family all lives two hours away so when they come to visit, they almost always spend the night.

I have found two ways around this problem. The first is to buy a futon—if you have space for it. I took the route of buying a few air mattresses of varying sizes. I get the best of both worlds because my office doubles as a guest room—giving them a private room to stay in and me, my much needed space.

How do you allocate space for guests?

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