can't fall asleep?

4849 days ago.

How to: Fall.Asleep -according to a former insomniac


You can put those sleeping pills away. Here are some thing that I do that are better than counting sheep.

1. I try to get in bed at least half an hour before I want to sleep. This way I am not so stressed out about falling asleep (and getting in those 8 hours) that I can’t doze off.

2. I try to cut myself off from my much adored drink of coffee by at least 6 pm. Otherwise, not only will I be chatting a mile a minute but also find myself with wide eyes at 2 am.

3. Taking a bath does wonders for me right before bed time. It cleans my worries right off.

4. MUSIC is definitely a big factor in being able to fall asleep. I usually listen to the explosions in the sky pandora station. so soothing!

5. Reading is a great thing to do in bed because in the boring places, it makes me soo tired.

6. Thinking is something I use to do A LOT of in bed, but now I work hard at kicking that out. Thinking about my past, present, and future in the bed at night & how I could end world hunger use to keep me awake for hours on end. Someone once told me: “you can’t solve all of life’s problems in one night“. Letting this sink in made all the difference.

7. Keeping my life in good orderis also very important in falling asleep. Otherwise, I would lay in bed and worry about the dishes, laundry, or my bills. If everything is done then I don’t have to worry about it.

Relax and enjoy your much needed rest.