Vegan, why not?

Melissa Jensen
3714 days ago.

Vegan, for those unfamiliar with the diet this word probably conjures up images of big plates of lettuce, broccoli and boring flavorless meals.  It certainly doesn’t have to and for those wanting, or at least willing, to give a Vegan meal a try it can mean the greatest mac and cheese you have ever tasted and brownies that will have you singing.  

This is what you will find a Vegadeli, located just off Hwy 40 at Chesterfield Parkway and Olive, this deli features an ever changing menu of vegan, raw and kosher foods. So what do vegan’s eat?  Well,  Sesame Lemon Pepper Spinach Angel Hair Pasta, stuffed Roma tomatoes with spinach and portabella pate just to name a couple.  I highly recommend the Coconut Curry Mixed Vegetables and Potatoes Served with Brown Rice it was delicious, and for those not looking to venture out too much the Mac and Tease rivals the best Mac and cheese around.  The hours are limited so check out the website before heading out and make sure to save room for a vegan brownie or smoothie for dessert.

Melissa Jensen

Melissa is a native of the Greater St. Louis region. She is addicted to anything Google, and cannot understand why motion activated paper towel dispensers never see her hands.

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