The greatest food bar!!

Melissa Jensen
4425 days ago.

Those who know me know that I cook some crazy dishes, I also am a HUGE fan of Whole Foods Market.  Yes it can be expensive, but they offer so many items I simply can’t find easily anywhere else.  Vegan chocolate chips, fresh lemon grass, starfruit, dolmas.  And many items are priced lower then they other in other stores simply because of the bulk they sell.  Odwalla bars by the case, wow. 

While I could go on and on about all the ways I love Whole Foods I actually want to touch on their glorious food bar.  I hate buffets, all  you can eat just encouraging you to put more on your plate, low quality, greasy just plain nasty to me.  It’s normally the same old staples no variety, no adventure.  Food to me should always be an adventure.  The food bar at Whole Foods has an amazing variety.  My son is a big fan of the brisket when it’s on there, I’m partial to the coconut milk pineapple rice…yummy.  The food choices change often and the ingredients are listed on the tags, making it easy for picky eaters or vegans who aren’t sure if there is milk or yogurt in a dish.  They also sell amazing pizza by the slice, with loads of great toppings (I’m partial to the fresh roasted garlic). 

Come for the food and while you are there check out the unique items, fresh soap and bath salts, breads, GIANT produce section and oh the hummus.  I have a preference for the location in West County off of 141 because parking at the one in Brentwood is a terrorizing experience to me and there is just more space for browsing at the West County Location.

Melissa Jensen

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