Libraries….They still have those.

Melissa Jensen
4437 days ago.

It was a rainy, drizzly night in Kirkwood and I was looking for something to do with my 8 year old son (that wouldn’t make me want to claw my eyes out or bang my head against a wall).  Some animated movie was playing as I made dinner and I was half listening.  Suddenly the message of the movie spoke to me.  “Get a library card. Get a library card” it was saying.  Wow, I haven’t had one of those in years (honestly since racking up over $100.00 in fines as a child).  Knowing how cool anything to put in a wallet is to an little boy we headed out to the local branch.

Library It’s been way too long since I have set foot into this public shrine to books.  I have this obsessive need to own every book I have ever read in order to amass a library of my own, but the wonders I have been missing.  New release movies for both my son and I.  Cd’s to check out and try (Who wants to invest in their new Jazz obsession putting all that money out there to get them home and not like it).  Not to mention any book my son could desire, places to sit and read.  Who doesn’t love the smell of books and this place has them all, old, new, all different scents of paper.

So put it in the back of your mind, if you are looking for somewhere cool to spend a few hours of your time this weekend why not check out the local branch of the library.  You won’t regret it.

Melissa Jensen

Melissa is a native of the Greater St. Louis region. She is addicted to anything Google, and cannot understand why motion activated paper towel dispensers never see her hands.

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