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Melissa Jensen
3343 days ago.

I must confess, I don’t have television service.  I have a tv, but no service to speak of.  I watch shows but without tv service I see no commercials and no news.  It’s now been 15 months.  Everyone should try it, it’s a freeing experience.  Only major news stories usually hit me and I do have to seek them out sometimes.  As the year winds down, I’ve been thinking of the big stories, obsessions and celebrity deaths of 2010.  Do you remember…..

  1. Earthquake in Haiti kills over 200,00 people  
  2. Volcano Erupts in Iceland grounding flights in Europe for days
  3. BP Oil spill flowed into the Gulf of Mexico for 3 months
  4. Spain wins it’s first World Cup in South Africa
  5. Over one million watched the rescue of the Chilean Miners (I watched on the computer)
  6. World’s Tallest building opens in Dubai
  7. Bed Bug outbreak
  8. Health care and Financial Reform both pass

Some of the top obsessions of the year

  1. Justin Beiber
  2. Facebook
  3. “Jersey Shore”
  4. Silly Bands
  5. Tiger Woods cheating scandal
  6. “Glee”
  7. Lady Gaga

Celebs who passed on this year

  1. Ru Mclanahan
  2. Cory Haim
  3. Dixie Carter
  4. Gary Coleman 

What stood out to you this year??

Melissa Jensen

Melissa is a native of the Greater St. Louis region. She is addicted to anything Google, and cannot understand why motion activated paper towel dispensers never see her hands.

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