Eating Healthy part 2 – Preparation

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A big part of eating healthy is being able to cook at home. The rich and famous have chefs that work for them full time who make everything from scratch—if you can afford that, I’m jealous. If you can’t afford that, please read on.

Keep your pantry and fridge well stocked. Make sure you have the basics in your kitchen at all times. Some of my basics are ground turkey, onions, celery, carrots, butter and of course my handy spice rack. I love onions and spices. I add them to everything. Celery and carrots are good basic veggies that taste good in almost any dish–they are always in my fridge. Of course, don’t forget the really basic items like milk, eggs, bread, etc.

The freezer is your friend.  Are you planning on cooking a meal during the week but don’t have time? I like to pre-cook my meat on the weekends and freeze it. That way, by Thursday when it’s time to make that chicken Alfredo, my chicken is already made… just throw it into the mix! Also, frozen veggies are very helpful. You can make a healthier meal without the hassle. I always check the ads and buy them for $1/bag when they go on sale.

Consider re-stocking your kitchen and preparing food for the week as one of your weekend chores. You can throw some chicken in the oven, do laundry and vacuum all at the same time right? Well maybe not all at once but you know what I mean.

The kitchen is probably my favorite part of the home because I love to eat. It may be lunch time now, but I’m thinking about what I’ll be making for dinner later!


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