Bieber Fever [insert screaming girl here.]

3728 days ago.

Being the age I am, (mind you, I’ve been 24 for the last 5 years) sometimes I feel like I am out of the loop musically. I’m from the old school, so I remember MTV when they actually played music videos and when the closest thing we had to a reality show was “The Real World.”

From time to time I rely on my 15 year old cousin Taylor to give me the skinny on what’s hot and what’s not. During one of our musically fueled convos we dished on Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brother (I still don’t know who they are or why they are famous, for that matter) and Justin Bieber. I noticed that when she talked about Justin her cheeks would get all flustered and she had to break out her inhaler a few times, so naturally I got curious about the new kid on the block.

Upon hours and hours of YouTube video research I started to see what the big deal was. Sort of. Sure, there is way too much hype surrounding him, but judging from the footage I saw I think he’s a pretty decent entertainer for being only 16 years old. His vocals are on key; he dances well, and roams around the stage a lot. His sets don’t look any different than any other concert to me… there were laser lights, backgrounds, and all of the things that make teeny bopper concerts delightful.

I’m not a fan by any means and his music is not my cup of vodka Kool-Aid, but I won’t mind sitting in the shadows watching his career unfold. Even though its always interesting to see the Disney cookie-cutter kids eventually check themselves into Betty Ford, impulsively shave their heads, and have SNL parody skits constructed just for them, just once it’d be nice to see the opposite occur….but I’m not holding my breath.