Ari’s Restaurant

3776 days ago.

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I love everything about Greek food—the salad with feta cheese, the lamb, the tiramisu, everything. Ok, maybe not the olives. But I do like olive oil… doesn’t that count?

Ari’s is a little blue building with awkward parking and a small sitting area on the patio. It doesn’t seem like much from the outside but let me tell you… those people can cook!

They have the best Gyros around—and I’ve been to a few other Greek restaurants. These are juicy with tasty sauce, onions and tomatoes.

They’ve got a good dinner menu and a bar to hang out at too. I’ve enjoyed dinner at this place quite a few times and will keep going back. Their servers are always polite and try their best to take care of you. The atmosphere is laid back and enjoyable.

3101 Hampton Ave


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